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Publications: Series "Forum Migration"

Forum Migration 2
Freedom of Movement in Europe

Aspects of Migration and European Policy of the Schengen Treaty

By this book, the efms publishes the proceedings of a Workshop it held in Nuremberg in 1995. At this workshop, first reports about experiences with the implementation of the Schengen Treaty regulations since March 26, 1995, were discussed. Schengen aims at enhancing the freedom of movement within Europe and finally leads to the establishment of a "new country" within Europe: "Schengenland". This changes the basic conditions for international migration and migration policy, and creates also a new quality of the process of European unification. Both aspects were addressed in lectures and discussions held on the occasion of this workshop.

Friedrich Heckmann, Verónica Tomei: Freizügigkeit in Europa. Migrations- und europapolitische Aspekte des Schengen-Vertrages.
Europa Union Verlag, Bonn 1996, 112 pages (German).
ISSN 0949-1960, ISBN 3-7713-0538-1, 15.- €

In line with the aim of the efms to promote the dialogue between academia and administration, not only representatives of various scientific disciplines contributed to the workshop, but also experts and officials from various areas of the administration. The participants’ differing points of view allowed drawing interesting conclusions on the multiple dimensions of the Schengen process. The presentations of the workshop were revised by the authors, thus considering results from the discussion.

Each contribution contained in this volume shows from its specific point of view the revolutionary quality of a development which may lead to a real freedom of movement for everybody within the European Union, but which still faces various contradictions and tendencies of reluctance based on national sovereignty claims.

Contents (German)

  • Zur Einführung. Friedrich Heckmann und Verónica Tomei
  • Internationale Migrationsdynamik und Schengen. Friedrich Heckmann
  • Rechtliche Grundlagen des Schengener Abkommens. Viktor Foerster
  • Das Visumregime im Schengener Vertragswerk. Achim Hildebrandt
  • Die asylrechtliche Dimension des Schengener Abkommens. Romy Bartels und Andreas Kraft
  • Die "Willensnation" und die Cohabitation: Schweiz und "Schengenland". Kurt Imhof
  • Migrationspolitische und europapolitische Perspektiven des Schengener Abkommens. Verónica Tomei
  • Anhang

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