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Publications: Series "Forum Migration"

Forum Migration 1
Migration Policies -

a Comparative Perspective

Yet, at least in Europe, there is still a considerable discrepancy between the increased importance of this topic on the one hand and the lack of systematic and institutionalized knowledge on migration, integration and migration policies on the other.

Friedrich Heckmann, Wolfgang Bosswick (eds.): Migration Policies: a Comparative Perspective.
Enke Verlag, Stuttgart 1995, 374 pages (English).
ISBN 3-8282-4531-5, 26.- €

The foundation of the european forum for migration studies (efms) at the University of Bamberg in early 1993 was an initiative to help building up this necessary infrastructure.

The book contains a selection of contributions presented at the conference "Migration Policies - a Comparative Perspective" that was held in Bamberg in 1993 as the international inaugural symposium of the efms. However, the book offers much more than a mere collection of conference papers. All manuscripts were revised carefully, updated and structured; moreover, papers not presented at the conference are also included in the book. Thus, this volume provides a systematic overview on the different aspects of migration policies.

The comprehensive appendix of materials makes the book a working tool that can be employed in many contexts. A time table and a glossary provide support in getting acquainted with this new subject area. The compilation of texts, comprising reform reports, extracts of contracts and resolution texts, allows the readers to draw their own conclusions upon reading primary sources. Thus, it may be employed as a foundation for further studies and as a source of reference for teaching purposes.


  • Foreword. Richard von Weizsäcker
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction. Friedrich Heckmann and Wolfgang Bosswick
  • Experiences of "Classical Immigration Countries"
    • The United States: Benign Neglect toward Immigration. Phil Martin
    • Major Issues of Contemporary American Immigration Policy. George High
    • Immigration to Australia: a New Focus for the 1990s? Katherine Betts
  • Migration Policies in Europe
    • The Significance of French Immigration and Integration Policy. Dominique Schnapper
    • Immigration Policy in Great Britain. David Coleman
    • Immigration into Italy: Data and Policies. Giovanna Zincone
    • Is There a Migration Policy in Germany? Friedrich Heckmann
    • Ten Points Concerning German Immigration Policy. Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen
    • Migration Policies, Third-Country Nationals and EC Law. Kai Hailbronner
    • Population Development Models as Criteria for Migration Policies? Josef Schmid
  • The New East-West-Migration
    • The New East-West Migration in Europe. Normalization after some Years of Growth. Elmar Hönekopp
    • Contemporary Migrations in the Ukraine. Volodymyr Jewtuch
    • Economic Development in Eastern Europe and Migration Push. Helmut Wagner
  • Refugee Policies
    • Refugees and Immigration in Europe and the Third World. Roland S. Schilling
    • Basic Principles of Asylum Law and Asylum Proceedings in the Federal Republic of Germany. Federal Office for the Recognition of Foreign Refugees
    • Asylum Policy and Migration in Germany. Wolfgang Bosswick
  • Migration and the Media
    • Migration, Asylum and Foreigners in the German Media. Karl-Heinz Meier-Braun
    • Reluctant Observers: The American Media Take a Wary Look at Immigration. Ira Mehlman

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