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Publications: Series "Forum Migration"

Forum Migration 7
The Integration of Immigrants in European Societies

National Differences and Trends of Convergence

European societies have become immigration countries. The illusion of temporary immigration has disappeared, new groups of people have to be integrated. What policies of integration are being implemented in Europe?

Researchers from eight different European countries write about the mode of integration in their respective nations. Is there a national mode of integration that could serve as a model for other countries or the European Union? The book offers an answer to this important question.

Friedrich Heckmann, Dominique Schnapper: The Integration of Immigrants in European Societies. National Differences and Trends of Convergence.
Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart 2003, 261 pages (English).
ISSN 0949-1960, ISBN 3-8282-0181-4, 34.- €


  • Introduction. Friedrich Heckmann and Dominique Schnapper
  • French Immigration and Integration Policy. A complex Combination. D. Schnapper, Pascale Krief and Emmanuel Peignard
  • From Ethnic Nation to Universalistic Immigrant Integration: Germany. F. Heckmann
  • Integration Policy in Great Britain. John Rex
  • Immigration and Integration of Immigrants and their Descendants: The Swedish Approach. Charles Westin and Elena Dingu-Kyrklund
  • Integration without Immigrant Policy: the Case of Switzerland. Hans Mahning and Andreas Wimmer
  • Integration Policies towards Immigrants and their Descendants in the Netherlands. Jeroen Doomernik
  • Towards the Developmnent of an Integration Policy in Finland. Eve Kyntäjä
  • Towards an Analysis of Spanish Integration Policy. Rosa Aparicio and Andrés Tornos
  • Conclusion. F. Heckmann and D. Schnapper
  • Authors' Affiliations

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