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Conference concept: The naturalization procedure and administrative developments

In co-operation with the Akademie für politische Bildung in Tutzing, the efms organised a workshop on naturalization proceedings, which was held on 10 - 12 December 1996. The conference was attended by representatives of local and federal administrations (including foreign authorities), social workers, commissioners for foreigners' affairs and members of foreigners' councils as well as, representatives of consulates.

The workshop did not primarily focus on the political discourse about the reform of the citizenship law, but rather on experiences both applicants and administration official had made, in order find recommendations for possible improvements.

The workshop programme

- Welcome by Klaus Grosch, Tutzing / Karl-Heinz Willenborg, Tutzing
- Introduction to the topic by Prof. Friedrich Heckmann, efms Bamberg
- Experiences and problems in the administrative proceedings: Abstracts presented by Barbara John, Commissioner for Foreigners' Affairs, Berlin; Lic. iur. Franziska Vogel Mansour, Civic and Civil Right Service (Zivilstands- und Bürgerrechtsdienst), Kanton Basel Land, Switzerland; Reg.Dir. Johann Steiner, Local Government of Upper Bavaria, Munich; Wolfgang Koch, city of Bamberg clerk's office
- New national and international data on the quantitative proportions, by Harald W. Lederer, efms Bamberg
- The issue from the applicants' points of view: Experiences with naturalization. Abstracts presented by: Inci Ersoy, Turkish consulate general, Nuremberg; Walter Weiterschan, Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Association) Munich; Ayhan Yilmaz, Arbeitskreis Ausländerfragen Haidhausen e.V. (Study group on foreigners' issues), Munich

Presentation of the movie: "Die Schweizermacher" (The Swissmakers)

- On a culture of naturalization. Abstracts presented by Harri van Onna, Dienst Social Rotterdam; Frances M. Chisholm, Vizekonsulin, US consulate general, Frankfurt; Martin Jungnickel, Regional Council (Regierungspräsidium) Darmstadt; RR Friedrich Hemberger, Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich; Helmut Schmitt, Commissioner for Foreigners' Affairs of the city of Mannheim
- What are the deficits and what improvements could be introduced to the proceeding, how are expectations towards politics? (Working groups)
- from the administrations' point of view
- from the applicants'/migrants' associations' point of view.

Discussion of results and workshop concept

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