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Spielend lernen in Familie und Stadtteil (Learning easily in the family and in the district)

The pilot project "Spielend lernen in Familie und Stadtteil" used an innovative approach to implement and optimise the support of disadvantaged children aged between 0 and 11, mainly with a migration background, in Nuremberg. The concept of the three-year pilot project integrated language teaching, social advice and guidance as well as the support of occupational and social integration. In this respect the work of the parents and the integration of voluntary helpers were of great importance for the intercultural work in the two selected districts.

The project was accompanied by an evaluation which had the following objectives: firstly to analyse and improve the quality of the project measures; secondly to assess using controlled methodology whether the measures conducted have really helped to achieve the objectives they strive towards; thirdly to provide support in the compilation the regular reports of the project groups to the town council and a handbook by the project management in which the results of the project and the experiences made during the project are made available to the specialist public. The evaluation concentrated on the following areas:

  • Community-oriented advice and guidance
  • Work with parents and families
  • German language teaching
  • Intercultural education
  • Social integration

The districts used in the pilot project were Langwasser and St. Leonhard/Schweinau. This project has been funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. The evaluation ran from January 2005 until June 2007.

Interim report and final report concerning the evaluation of the project are online availabe (only in German language) on the website of the city of Nuremberg:

Wolf, Richard: Zwischenbericht zur Evaluation des Projektes "Spielend lernen in Familie und Stadtteil". Bamberg 2006

Wolf, Richard: "Spielend lernen in Familie und Stadtteil" - Endbericht zur Evaluation des Programms. Bamberg 2007

Commissioned by: Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge
Completion: June 2007
Researcher: Richard Wolf

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