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EFFNATIS - Effectiveness of National Integration Strategies towards Second Generation Migrant Youth in Comparative European Perspective

EFFNATIS examined the effectiveness of policies and strategies aimed at integrating second generation migrant youth in contemporary European societies. The core of the project was an empirical study on the effectiveness of the integration strategies pursued in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. This empirical study was supplemented by a number of country reports and secondary analyses of existing research findings on integration in the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Finland and Switzerland.

The research was based on two assumptions: firstly, that integration issues are of great significance for the social, economic and cultural development of European societies; and secondly, that the experiences of the various European countries with the implementation of integration concepts can and should lead to an improvement of these concepts at national level as well as in a European comparative perspective.

The project was co-ordinated by the efms; participating research institutions of the core group were Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in France, the efms in Germany, Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Further project partners were the IMES at Amsterdam University, CEIFO at Stockholm University, MIGRA/UPCO at Universidad Pontifica Comillas de Madrid, the Institute of Migration at Turku University, the SFM/FMS at Neuchâtel University as well as the Chair of Demography Professur für Demographie at Rostock University (Prof. Dinkel).

The project began in January 1998 and ran for three years. It was funded by the DG XII of the EU Commission under the TSER framework programme. The final report has been available since April 2001.

Funding: European Union , DG XII, TSER-Programmme
Completion: December 2000
Researchers: Friedrich Heckmann, Roger Penn (Lancaster), Dominique Schnapper (Paris), Rinus Penninx (Amsterdam), Charles Westin (Stockholm), Rosa Aparicio Gomez (Madrid), Eve Kyntäjä (Helsinki), Andreas Wimmer (Neuchâtel), Reiner Dinkel (Rostock).
Final Report to the EU Commission: Effectiveness of National Integration Strategies towards Second Generation Migrant Youth in Comparative European Perspective. Bamberg 2001
Friedrich Heckmann/Dominique Schnapper (eds.): The Integration of Immigrants in European Societies. National Differences and Trends of Convergence. Stuttgart 2003

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