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Publications: efms CD-ROMs

efms CD ROM
efms CD-ROM Forum Migration: Migration and
Integration in Numbers. Edition 1997.
european forum for migration studies (ed.), Harald W.
Lederer (author). Bamberg 1997, approx. 360 MB (in German)
with 112 tables and 154 figures, in colour
and black and white, includes all relevant law texts.

efms CD ROM Migration and Integration in Numbers

The first CD-ROM produced by the efms was based on the efms project MIZ Online Statistical Reports on Migration and Integration, which started in 1993. The Commissioner of the Federal Government for Foreigners' Affairs published the handbook resulting from this project. Now the CD-ROM has been produced with the following contents:

  • The complete publication "Migration and Integration in Figures" (in German)
  • All illustrations in colour in a user-friendly presentation (in German)
  • All law text referred to in the publication (in German)
  • The Foreigners' Law (as of November 1997) and other law texts relevant for migration (in German)
  • A commented list of relevant internet links (URL Hyperlinks) to access relevant news directly.

The CD is not only a digitalised version of the printed publication, but offers also electronic features for an optimal use:

  • It contains hyperlinks to further relevant passages in the text and to the complete law texts. This makes it possible for the user to switch to interesting topics within the text, to bookmark them or to insert comments.
  • Tables and illustrations can be printed out on individual pages and can therefore be used for presentations (e.g. in colour as overhead slides).
  • The CD provides fast navigation tools via the index or a full text search.
  • A convenient navigator in accordance with professional standards ( Adobe Acrobat) can also be found on the CD, which can be used with the most common operating systems (MS Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Apple MacIntosh, UNIX, LINUX).

Meanwhile, the CD has run out of stock; however, the most recent CD published by the efms, the efms CD-ROM Migration Review 2001, does also include all previous versions in addition to updated statistics in German and English.

If you have a fast internet access, you can also test the CD MIZ Online online .

Table of contents

  • Instructions for installation and use
  • Migration and Integration in Figures. A handbook. (Full text hypertext version with coloured illustrations)
  • Tables and figures for presentation purposes (illustrations in balck and white and coloured)
  • Commented list with relevant internet links
  • Relevant law texts (only in German)

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