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Migration Review of the Commissioner for Foreigners' Affairs

CD ROM Migration Report 2001. europäisches forum für
migrationsstudien (ed.), Harald Lederer; Stefan Rühl (authors).
Bamberg 2002 (German / English)

On behalf of the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Foreigners' Affairs, the efms compiled a CD ROM which contains an updated version in electronic form of the Migration Review 2001 and the Migration Review 1999 in German and English. It also contains a comprehensive appendix with all relevant law texts.

In addition, the CD ROM contains further relevant efms publications in electronic form:

  • Handbook "Migration and Integration in Figures 1997" (in German)
  • "Integration Measures by Welfare Organisations" (expert report for the Independent Commission "Immigration", 2001) (in German)
  • All editions of the quarterly Migration Report 1994-2001 (in German and English)

The CD ROM was distributed by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Foreigners' Affairs to German institutions abroad to make core data and facts on the German migration situation available internationally. The CD ROM contains the electronic publications in pdf-format and can be read with Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix.

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