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efms Migration Report

October 1994

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Growing criticism of airport regulation for children

The implementation of the airport regulation by the German Border Police is vehemently criticized from many sides. Protests come from the Hessian Ministry for the Interior, local foreignersâ€TM representatives, lawyers, doctors and the City Council of Frankfurt. For refugee children the Haag Protection Agreement applies, rather than the national foreignersâ€TM law. The City Council representatives made an appeal to the Federal Minster for the Interior Kanther.
SZ 1.10.94 // FR 8.10.94 // FR 10.10.94 // FR 12.10.94 // FR 17.10.94 // dpa 28.10.94 // FR 31.10.94

Inhuman asylum policy criticized from many sides

The asylum report compiled by the Caritas includes too many rejections of people when trying to enter Germany, deficits in the asylum proceedings, a harsh treatment of people and unreasonably hard living conditions for refugees. The Commissioners for Foreigners of the German Laender recorded considerable deficits in the implementation of the asylum and foreignersâ€TM law. They call for a more thorough investigation of each case before implementing deportation and for a better consideration of standards by human rights organisations and the UN Refugee Council. Social workers complained about the harshness from the authoritiesâ€TM side in cases of deportation. The Bavarian Protestant bishop asks for more humanity in foreignersâ€TM policy. The Protestant Church in the Rhineland expects a humane asylum and foreignersâ€TM policy, legal security and protection from right-wing extremist attacks. Doctors are complaining about the low standard of medical care which applies to refugees in accordance with the foreignersâ€TM law.
NN 13.10.94 // SZ 13.10.94 // NN 19.10.94 // FR 21.10.94 // dpa 25.10.94 // taz 3.11.94

Protests against remand pending deportation

Asylum seekers whose application has been turned down by the authorities have to stay in jails under deplorable conditions. The approx. 4,000 asylum seekers are treated like criminals and this violates human dignity. Lawyers from Bremen, police officers from Berlin and prison wardens ask for a better accommodation for asylum seekers.
SZ 7.8.94 // dpa 9.8.94 // Spiegel 17.10.94

The repatriation stop for people from Serbia and Montenegro has been cancelled

With the end of the UN embargo Hesse will also send back rejected asylum seekers to rump Yugoslavia. Since May 1992 the repatriation has been cancelled. Amnesty International still warns of deportations to Yugoslavia.
FR 13.10.94 // FR 21.10.94

Nation-wide regulation for old asylum cases planned

Hesse joins North Rhine Westphalia in its suggestion to issue permanent residence permits for asylum seekers who have stayed in Germany legally for more than eight years, or whose children have attended German schools for more than 2 years, or who are refugees from countries with a high rate of granted asylum or who are members of persecuted minorities, such as Kurds and Tamils whose applications have been submitted before March 1, 1994.
FR 5.10.94

Foreignersâ€TM policy and election on October 16, 2004

As part of the campaign for the election of the German Parliament on October 16, 2004, the future foreignersâ€TM policy is discussed. Among the topics are integration, loosened naturalization requirements, reforms of the Citizenship Law. The government is reproached for ignoring foriegnersâ€TM policy issues. Parallel to the local elections on October 16, 2004, 19,000 citizens in Cologne and Bonn participated in a poll. More than 16,000 supported the idea of double citizenship for foreigners who have been living in Germany for at least five years.
Zeit 14.10.94 // FR 18.10.94

New government: continued disagreement on foreignersâ€TM policy

During the coalition negotiations, the Federal Commissioner for Foreigners, Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen (FDP), repeated her call for a new foreignersâ€TM policy. Germany needed progress in the integration of foreigners, for example by loosening the naturalization requirements and by introducing double citizenship. The coalition partner CDU/ CSU rejected these ideas. Whether Schmalz-Jacobsen continues to be Federal Commissioner for Foreigners remains uncertain.
FAZ 28.10.94 // SZ 28.10.94 // taz 28.10.94

Two new Members of Parliament with ethnic Turkish origin

L. Onur (SPD) and C. Özdemir (Die Grünen) achieved good results in the election of October 16, 2004.
MNS November 94

Right to vote in local elections for citizens of EU member states

The demand by the EU Parliament to introduce the right to vote in local elections for citizens of EU member states encountered approval in the majority of the German Laender, according to a dpa poll. In a constitutional discussion in parliament in June, however, the issue did not get the required majority. It is still controversially discussed whether the right to vote in local elections should be granted to all foreigners living in Germany, too.
Kölner Stadtanzeiger 28.10.94

Recruited Greeks work illegally for small wages

In Nuremberg, Bavaria, 16 Greeks approached the Federation of German Trade Unions. They had signed contracts with subcontractors of German building companies in Greece, had to work for many months without their passports, without social security and without secure wages.
NN 13.10.94

No repatriation of asylum seekers from Afghanistan

The Administrative Court Würzburg (Bavaria) ruled that rejected asylum seekers should not be sent back to Afghanistan due to the dangerous political situation.
dpa 20.10.94

Repatriation agreement with the Czech Republic

A contract has been signed on the repatriation proceedings of people who have entered Germany illegally from the Czech Republic. The German government offered 60 million mark to improve border securities. Illegal migrants will be sent back within six months.

SZ 20.8.94 // SZ 9.9.94 // FR 28.10.94 // FAZ 4.11.94

More foreign students at German universities

In 1993, 133,962 foreign students were registered at German universities. Compared to 1992, this number rose by 7.5%. In total, the share of foreign students increased from 6.8% to 7.1%.
MNS November 94


In October 10,237 persons submitted asylum applications, mostly Ex-Yugoslavians. Compared to the previous month, the number dropped by 6%. In 1994, from January to October, the number of asylum applications dropped by almost 65% to 103,000, compared to the previous year.
SZ 5.11.94

October 1994

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