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Publications: Series "Transatlantic Discourse on Integration"

Transatlantic Discourse on Integration 2: Immigrant Integration and Education.

The Role of State and Civil Society in Germany and the U.S.

This publication presents the results of the workshop "Integration and Education of Migrants: The Role of State and Civil Society" which was held in Nürnberg on July 11-12, 2005. The workshop was jointly organized with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

After the so called Pisa shock in Germany civil society and public authorities increasingly are aware that something has to be done to improve the situation. The articles assembled in this volume in a way do mirror this increasing public awareness and, at the same time, describe some of the measures that are already being practiced.

The first part of the book is on concrete measures to support integration of migrants and their children through education and information. Since the structure of the efms - GMF seminar series "Transatlantic Discourse on Integration" is internationally comparative, an attempt has been made to bring international experiences into the discussion.

Friedrich Heckmann, Richard Wolf (eds.): Immigrant Integration and Education. The Role of State and Civil Society in Germany and the U.S., efms, Bamberg 2006, 112 pages (English). ISBN 3-927351-12-1, 15,- € (plus shipping and handling charge)

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The second part of the book has a more general character and discusses basic question of migration - integration policies both in the US and Germany and presents the main tasks of the reorganized Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Nuremberg which hosted the seminar.

Table of contents

  • Foreword. Friedrich Heckmann, Richard Wolf
  • Introduction. Friedrich Heckmann, Richard Wolf
  • Education
    • Education for Integration. An Overview on Structures, Measures and Programmes. Friedrich Heckmann
    • HIPPY in the United States. Elisabet Eklind
    • HIPPY in Germany. Renate Sindbert
    • Better Educational Opportunities for Children and Young People from Migrant Backgrounds: The Mercator Foundation's "Special Tuition" project. Doreen Barzel
    • Why is 'Ethnic Mentoring' Successful?. Jens Schneider
    • The Projects of the Hertie Foundation for the Integration of Immigrant Children and Juveniles. Anne Lehmeier
    • Orientation courses for immigrants in Frankfurt am Main. Thomas Kunz
    • School Integration and Its Consequences for Social Integration and Educational Opportunity. John E. Farley
  • State and civil society
    • Germany and the United States: A New and an Old "Migration State". James Hollifield
    • The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees as a Competence Centre for all aspects of migration. Ursula Gräfin Praschma
    • The development of a nationwide integration program in Germany: Creating a comprehensive framework for integration policy. Katrin Hirseland

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