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As the only German organisation, the efms participated in the sub-group Migration, Migration, Multiculturality and Ethnic Conflict in the Thematic Network Humanitarian Development Studies. This network was co-ordinated by the Deusto University in Bilbao with about 80 academic organisations from all over Europe participating in one of the seven sub-groups. The network was funded within the ERASMUS programme by the DG XXII of the European Commission. The network resulted from an EU-funded project on the introduction of a postgraduate university degree Humanitarian Assistance; five European universities participated in this project.

At the beginning of its work, the Thematic Network Humanitarian Development Studies carried out a compilation of existing course contents on the topics at the participating universities; for this purpose, the sub-group Migration, Multiculturality and Ethnic Conflict, in which the efms participated, developed a questionnaire in the pilot workshop held in London in 1996. Following the analysis of the answers provided by the network participants, a data base was set-up at Deusto University, Bilbao, which also published the results. Based on this compilation, it was planned to achieve mutual acceptance of performances in the university courses on the basis of the European Credit Transfer System and to promote the mutual recognition of important contents of the curriculum and sources. It was the objective to improve the quality and internationalisation of the topics in the curriculum within the network.

Funding: Europäische Kommission, DG XXII
Completion: March 1999
Researcher: Wolfgang Bosswick
Publication: Wolfgang Bosswick/Peter Jackson: Thematic Study: Migration, Multiculturality and Ethnic Conflict. In: Julia González, Wilhelm Löwenstein, Mo Malek (eds.): Humanitarian Development Studies in Europe. Assessment of Universities "Training and NGOs" Needs. Bilbao 1999, 41-51.

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