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efms Migration Report

October 1995

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Bavaria calls for stricter alien law

In the Bundesrat the governement of Bavaria has begun an effort to tighten alien law and accelerate the deportation of aliens who have participated in violent demonstrations. Bavarian politicians referred to the excesses during Kurdish demonstrations in Spring 1994 and aim for stricter laws to provide a deterrent to violent actions.
SZ 4.10.95

Germany most popular destination for Russian emigrants

According to statistics of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, the number of Russian emigrants to Germany has risen by 36% since the beginning of the year in comparison to last year: 1,286 Russian citizens emigrated to Germany from January to September 1995 the popularity of America and Israel as destinations has sunk.
SZ 6.10.95

Bundesrat proposal to prevent low wages for foreign contruction workers

The law draft of the Bundesrat to eliminate competition from cheap foreign labour on German construction sites is more comprehensive than the law proposed by the federal govenment. The Bundesrat law calls for the creation of " customary local conditions" such as wage and social security for all employees at German construction sites. Employment offices would check on the enforcement of the regulations.
SZ 14.10.95

Government coalition negotiating over new alien law

The coalition parties are working on a solution in the conflict over the right to citizenship to replace children"s nationality which was proposed by the CDU in 1994. Agreement was reached to ease residence regulations in certain areas.
SZ 14.10.95 // Focus 30.10.95

Negotiations on asylum law in the Federal court of the constitution.

Oral proceedings in the federal court of the constitution on the controversial asylum law are scheduled for Novermber 12, 1995 after being postponed several times.
FR 17.10.95

Berlin opens new deportation detention center

A center to accommodate 350 deportation detainees has been established in Berlin-Köpenick to facilitate the deportation of foreigners without permission to stay. Berlin Senator Kreckelmann (CDU ) has defended deportation detainment as "indispensable to maintaining order". Human rights organizations have protested against the new institution.
FAZ 17.10.95

First deportations to Vietnam carried out

According to the contract between Germany and Vietnam 2,500 Vietnamese are to be deported to Veitnam in this year. However, implementation of this agreement has been delayed due to the examination procedure of Vietnamese authorities. The first four Vietnamese will be flown from Berlin to Hanoi on October 17, 1995.
dpa 17.10.95 // FAZ 19.10.95

Deportation of civil war refugees possible

According to a decision on fundamental principles of the federal administrative court Germany can return civil war refugees to their countries despite the "general dangers and consequences of a civil war ". Only civil war refugees facing specific, personal threats are safeguarded against deportation. The decision was made in the case of an Afghan refugee.
SZ 19.10.95

Benefits for asylum seekers reduced

The federal government has approved Health Minister Seehofer"s suggestions for cutting benefits for 257,000 of the 372,000 asylum seekers living in Germany. Local governments will be relieved of about 900 million marks in spending. Food, housing and clothing costs will be covered in addition to a sum of 80 DM per month for asylum seekers over 15 years of age. The UNHCR representative Kumin and the Caritas Association spoke out against the cuts. The Brandenburg commissioner for aliens, Böttger, has criticized the prevailing practice of providing asylum seekers with vouchers instead of cash and called for improving the care, accommodation and work possibilites for refugees.
FR 18.10.95 // dpa 19.10.95 // FAZ 25.10.95 // FR 24.10.95

Bonn internal committee discusses case of deportation

By request of the FDP speaker Hirsch, an internal committee will discuss the controversial deportation of a Sudanese refugee to (the) Sudan which the Federal Border Control hastily carried out contrary to a decision of the federal administrative court in Frankfurt.
FR 18.10.95 // FR 23.10.95

Bavaria: investigation of the use of posion in asylum seeker accommodations

The inappropriate use of highly poisonous insecticides in asylum seeker homes in Munich and Nuremberg is being investigated by the district attorney because of the suspicion of intentional bodily injury. Caritas members had registered complaints.
SZ 26.10.95

Annual conference of Commissioners of Foreigners" Concerns

Meeting at their annual conference, the commissioners delegated with the concerns of aliens demanded that access to public service be facilitated for foreigners. The commissioners find that as 16 % of the population of large cities in Germany is made up of foreigners, they are underrepresented among the employees of local governments. Only 7% of local government employees are foreigners, and these are mainly cleaning personnel. Also, the commissioners condemned deportation detention in German prisons and call for improvements and a limit to a minimal time in the conditions of imprisonment.
FR 25.10.95 // SZ 26.10.95

Turkish migrants found party

The "Democratic Party of Germany" (DPD), which elected the attorney Sedat Sezgin as chairman at their founding congress, intends to represent the interests of all migrants residing in Germany.
FR 30.10.95

Bavaria: boom in organised immigrant smuggling

According to statistics of the Bavarian ministry of the interior, there has been a strong increase in activities of international immigrant smugglers which help foreigners achieve illegal entry. Although there were 27% fewer cases of illegal entry in comparison to the previous year, the number of captured immigrant smugglers rose by 27%.
SZ 12.10.95 // SZ 26.10.95

Asylum statistics

In October 1995 the number of asylum petitions was 12,389 and therefore exeeded the month September by 324. The number of refugees from rump Yugoslavia, the main country of origin, rose by 200 to 2,904 persons. 2,107 asylum seekers are from Turkey.
SZ 7.11.95

October 1995

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