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Data and information on migration, migration policies and integration of migrants

An important area of work of the efms is the setting up and maintainance of a documentation with data and information on migration, migration policies and integration of migrants.

This page gives you access to a selection of efms work results. You can access the single topic by the items listed in the documents sub-menu.

 Databases Online provides an on-line access to the institute's database via the LARS WWW interface. You can search with a guest account in three areas of the institute's documentation, the databases efms-Literatur, efms-Documentation and the efms-Migration Report.

 Statistics and Charts leads you to a selection of importants statistics on migration in Germany which was drawn form the efms  CD-ROM Migration and Integration in Numbers.

 Migration Report links you to the on-line version of the efms Migration Report. Since 1994, the institute tracks systematically the reports from leading national and international newpapers and magazines on migration issues in Germany. From these media sources, a commented chronology is compiled which gives an executive overview on the developments in these areas.

 efms Papers are contributions from ongoing work of the institute. Subject to a small fee for copying and mailing, you can order copies from the efms.

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