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Diversity Monitor

The Diversity Monitor provides for
the time span 2013-15 indicators
for the handling of diversity from
migration processes at the level of
German Länder. Indicator values
are structured in ten dimensions of
quality of life, show how much the
situation of residents with migrant
background became similar to non-
migrant residents, and how much
openess among natives exists
towards diversity from migration.
The indicators do not represent
the general situation of quality
of life
in the respective Land. They
only show the difference between
autochthonous residents and those
with migration background.


  • Länder Map: Select Land (click)
  • Radar plot: Select comparison
    of Länder in the map by
    clicking on value marker
    for a dimension in radar plot

Indicator variables

The indicator for each dimension
represents various variables;
in the map display of a specific
dimension, the variables for each
Bundesland are provided.


The number of measures for
improving the handling of
existing diversity is shown
in the radar plot (bubbles)
and for a specific dimension
in each Bundesland by the map.


Detailed explanations of the
concept, the data basis, on
each Bundesland providing
background information as well
as a typology of the Länder
based on a cluster analysis is
provided in the Project Report.

Handling of Diversity by Dimensions of Quality of Life

Situation Profile and Measures

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