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WWW access to the efms Documentation data base

The Documentation data base contains the catalogue of the efms Documentation for online searches in the internet. The efms Documentation hasn't been continued since 2004. It comprises grey literature and other documents until the year of publication 2004:

  • Clips from magazines and newspapers
  • Unpublished presentation papers
  • Legal texts, statistics
  • Internet documents from Newsgroups or web pages
  • Information booklets, folders
  • Unpublished manuscripts or expert studies

The data base contains more than 8,000 entries, which are indexed by keywords according to the extended SOLIS-Thesaurus (official thesaurus of the German national data base on research and publications in the social sciences) and offer an abstract of the document. You can search by using the fields keywords, title, and words in the full text or by using all fields, author and date; the fields in the search mask are connected by an AND function. The data base displays for every indexed field an index list in alphabetical order showing the number of hits for each index entry. This function allows easy search and find procedures.

Copies of single documents can be ordered from the efms Document Service for a fee of 15 Euro Cent per page and a postage fee depending on the mailing costs (min. 1.50 €); please state the document numbers of the requested documents when placing your order. For questions or orders, please contact the documentation department of the efms.

For entering the data base as a guest, please click the START button.

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